We’re Going To Mars

Image credit: ESA

We’ve always been big fans of space exploration. We are delighted to announce our new song is going to Mars.

Freaking Mars.

European Space Agency and Roscosmos are working on a mission called ExoMars 2020 that will put a rover on the Mars surface. Part of it is a Czech-made instrument – and we are extremely happy that it will carry our song on its hard drive.

Listen to ‘First (Call from Mars)’ by Exit Empire here. We made it to celebrate science and space exploration. See what the song consists of below:

Listen to ‘First (Call form Mars)’ by Exit Empire here

It was fascinating to play with the audio and include real sounds of Martian wind or first gravitational wave ever observed. There are also pictures of the landing location on Mars and the recently captured black hole converted to audio. Lyrics ‘Light will come’ refer to the Czech analyzer with this song on board coming to Mars to study lightning. We also used typical Czech instruments cimbalom and organ.

We’re happy this mission has caught the attention of people all over the world. For the popularization of science, there’s a contest determining which one of the audio files on the rover (11 total) will be transmitted back to Earth. The one with the most votes on the landing day will be chosen.

Even just having a song on Mars in its ones-and-zeros form is an incredible feat. The kid in us who always wanted to be an astronaut would never believe us. You can vote here to even make ‘First (Call from Mars)’ the first-ever song to actually be transmitted from Mars to Earth.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the ESA, Roscomos, Czech Academy of Sciences and Vesmir magazine. Keep looking up!


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