The Nastiest Questions They Ask Us the Most

“Why did you start this band? It’s impossible to make a living out of music.”

Not impossible, just hard – like any other business you can think of. And as with any business, you can be making just enough money to survive, or you can be in a position to buy yachts or islands. However, buying yachts is not the main reason we started Exit Empire. We know the power of music and its ability to lift the human spirit, to ease depression and even save lives. And we believe we have a message that can do just that. We are three best friends with the same mindset and life goals, and we want to share our thoughts with others. We chose music as the messenger.

“There’s just the three of you? But you need a bass player.”

In our band, the traditional roles are blurred. If you see us live, Rafael sings, Timmy plays the guitar and Premek is the drummer. The bass is sampled. However, in our previous band, Timmy was the bass player, and he tracked bass on our record. So we sort of have a bass player. The way we see this is that Exit Empire are the guys in the band, not the instruments they hold in hands. Rafael doesn’t just sing, he plays keys and composes electro parts and other stuff, Timmy mixes the songs and prepares the backing tracks for live use, Premek besides drumming makes the best coffee and provides guidance due to his background in technological startups. And we all swap roles and do a bit of this and that. But we all create music together.

“Your sound is awesome! Oh, you make your own production? Sounds like shit.”

We’re sorry you think that. But we wouldn’t change a thing. A few years ago, we decided not to go to some professional studio and instead invest in our own education. Thanks to online classes we learned to produce professionally in our own bedrooms and saved some bucks in the long term. We’re not dependent on any other party that could fuck up our audio and vision. For our dream – to have a great band – learning production was simply a necessity, although turned passion. In the future, we definitely crave working with other talented minds and professionals to help us chase the perfect tone. Heck, even meeting those guys is part of the dream.

“Where is it you’re from? I’ve never heard of this part of Poland.”

The Czech Republic. It’s a small country in the heart of Europe. It’s beautiful, as well as Poland, but they are two separate sovereign states.

“Why is this in English? You’re a Czech band!”

We aim to address all the fans in the world, and all of them equally. Creating content in English is the most understandable means. We also want to be the first band from here to really succeed on the global level. We can’t wait what awaits us in Los Angeles!

“You want to move to Los Angeles? But there are dozens of bands trying to ‘make it’!”

True. As anywhere else. But location matters. Los Angeles is our dream city. It’s the center of the global entertainment industry. We want to be able to show up face to face with the people we would love to work with. Landing a Hollywood sync deal is much more doable if you can befriend a music supervisor over a cup of coffee. We’re going to California this Fall for at least two months, to meet as many people as possible and to get our point across – we mean fucking business. San Francisco is also near and that’s great for having a foot in the door of tech startups.

“You’re independent? But you need a label to achieve anything in the music business.”

We use our own studio for audio and video production, DistroKid for digital distribution, SongTrust for royalties collection, social networks for engagement with fans and phone calls for booking and press. Labels today can offer us mainly just exposure and better shows, no doubt they can help us take it to the “next level”. But in this day and age, we can’t be waiting for anyone. We’re doing everything we can to be growing on our own terms. That way we’ll have some bargaining power later and won’t blindly sell out our souls.

“But you haven’t achieved anything yet.”

We don’t have 100.000 fans on Facebook, that’s true. We’re just warming up, however, we’re already deeply focused on this band for several years. While sacrificing everything to our dream, we’re still having fun along the way. We managed to learn audio production and distributed a whole LP with no help, the same goes with music videos, lyric videos, and vlogs. We got some great reviews of both music and live shows, even in print, and traveled to play a show in Dubai when invited. We have fans creating fanart and anime music videos. We got our eshop up and running, sold some shirts and shipped a signed CD to Switzerland.

We’re getting direct messages already telling us our music helped them in bad times. For us, that’s already an incredible success. We thank all of these first fans for being with us. Now we will study and execute other techniques to get to those 100.000 fans and beyond.

Fan Art by Elmax/Fleur

“How do you finance all this? You must be super rich.”

Sadly not the case. Our runway is short, but we spare no expense.

“Are you planning for the possibility you won’t succeed?”

If you’re looking down, that’s where you’ll go. So we’re looking up.

“Wtf is your live setup? I haven’t seen a guitar amp.”

Good eye! We’re actually exploring the possibilities of virtual amp sims. So Timmy plays guitar directly through a laptop with automated plugins on it, no need for real amps or cabinets, and it sounds awesome. Oh man, the traveling is so much easier this way.

“That was some tough talk. What are your actual next steps?”

Right now I’m gonna finish this post and then get a cup of coffee before a rehearsal with the guys. Can’t wait to create a new lyric video later tonight!

This year we’re locking down festival gigs in Ukraine, Romania and Czech Republic, and there will be new releases to keep the momentum. We already have some demos and I fucking love how it sounds. In next few months, we’re shooting two new music videos and releasing a deluxe edition of our debut album. The release party is on May 31 in Brno, Czech Republic. Be there.

“Ok, I’m actually impressed. Wish you guys best luck! Where to get your music?”

Thank you, that’s so sweet of you! Grab our album for free here and check out our YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Exit Empire (2017) Full Album Stream. Download for free here.

What about you, are you in a band? What questions do you get the most? Or wanna ask us something? Leave a comment below.


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