Songwriting / Arrangement / Mixing / Mastering


Mixing & Mastering

Your vision, then our work.

We are Rafael Eimut and Timmy Ruzicka, best friends and bandmates located in Hodonin, Czech Republic. We founded Exit Empire Studios in 2015 to help us achieve the sound of our band we wanted – and we realized we love doing audio production not just for ourselves.

Now we express ourselves through composing soundtracks for your next movie or videogame. We help you to mix and master your music to unlock its potential. We are the speechless narrator, who can only speaks throughout the music and understands his role.

Contact us and we will pick your brain about the story you want to tell. We will emphasize its emotions through artistic approach and the highest technical quality.


Soundtrack Composing

$1,000 USD per minute

Mixing (+ Free Mastering)

$500 USD per song

Mastering Only

$150 USD per song

We’re working remotely.
Revisions: Unlimited / Mixing turn-around time: 7 days / No additional costs


Contact us, if you won’t settle with ‘good enough’.

+420 607 937 301 (Timmy Ruzicka)

Legal Entity

Exit Label, s.r.o.
U školy 129, 696 21 Josefov
Czech Republic

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