Our Chance to Work with the Asking Alexandria Producers in Los Angeles

We’re one of twelve finalists in a contest to work with the Asking Alexandria producers in Los Angeles!

We generally don’t care about such contests, but this one is really different.️ Band Academy is a community committed to helping bands grow and take their careers to the next level. It was created by Tyler Smyth and Joey Sturgis. They are one of the biggest names in our genre, who work with bands like Asking Alexandria, Devil Wears Prada or Blessthefall.

We’ve been learning from Joey for several years now and being able to finally work with him is unbelievable. This is a unique opportunity for us and we’re totally excited!

We were handpicked as the only finalists from Central and Eastern Europe. If we win, we’ll write and record with Joey and Tyler (Dangerkids), our song will be mixed and mastered by Taylor Larson (the last Asking Alexandria album), our photos will be taken by Ashley Osborn (Bring Me The Horizon), and High Road Publicity will work a PR campaign.

Help us by adding entries on this page: https://exitempire.com/win

Our vlog where we talk about the contest.

But the contest is not evaluated only off mere numbers. Our engagement and the way we work as a band is way more important as it is in the real world for a band to succeed.

For that matter, this is a chance to pave a path and break the wall preventing bands from our part of the world going worldwide. Our album is about freedom, doing things your way and believing in yourself. Now you have a chance to help us with a few clicks to make something exceptional. We are very grateful for that.

The competition ends on September 30, 2018 and we get entries on this page for stuff like subscribing, following and sharing Band Academy channels once you log in (buttons at the bottom of the page). And don’t be afraid, their content is high quality and on point. We recommend Band Academy from our hearts to anyone in the music business.

Help us by adding entries on this page: https://exitempire.com/win

If you’ve voted, use a coupon “BANDACADEMY” to get 50% off our Deluxe Album in our e-shop!

Tell your friends and share if you can. Two people who tag Exit Empire in their post about this contest have a chance to win a Premek’s drumstick with a signature!

Thank you. Let’s write a history together!


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