New Music Video Out Now!

The music video for ‘Fly’ from our debut album is out! Check it below.

As always, I directed this video and our friends helped tremendously. This time we had a special help from Daniel Havir, who is our “AI guy” in Silicon Valley and did a great work with the special effects in this video. It’s called style transfer and it’s achieved through machine learning. Basically, you take a master image which you want to recreate, and the machines do their best job of applying its style onto your own footage. For example, we took this awesome IMAX Star Wars poster:

and Daniel made this from it:

Pretty cool, huh? Daniel is writing his own article about how he achieved this. We will definitely share it, I really want to show you guys the other images we used as masters (even more pop-culture love in there). As I understand it, the process of making this music video is unique worldwide! Nice.

Enjoy the video! Since YouTube kind of butchered the bitrate, I uploaded it to Mega as well so you can download and watch it in better quality.

In two days, we are flying from the Czech Republic to Los Angeles for the first time! Excited. Follow us on social media (links on the top left of this page) – there’s gonna be a lot of content. And if you’re in that area in the next six weeks, let us know and we’ll grab a beer!

Thanks for watching!


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