New Lyric Video & One Fun Fact

I’ve just finished the fourth lyric video – Backdrop Packer, which means we have half of the album (free download here) covered!

Ever wondered what is Rafael’s monologue in Backdrop Packer all about? Well, now you know. Remind yourself the stories of the other songs below! 🙂

Writing lyrics is always fhe most tricky part of creating music. In most cases, we have the melody and emotion settled, and now we are looking for the right words to express what we are trying to say. It sometimes takes months of deep discussion within band members, so we can make sure each one of us understands the song thoroughly and is in line with its message. Fun fact: The chorus for ‘Forging My Own Crown’ was written literally in the studio in front of the microphone, when we really couldn’t delay it any longer. Final decision had to be made and we scrapped everything we had until this point. And it came out as one of the strongest choruses on the record.

If you seek lyrics for other songs, don’t worry. I will make lyric videos for the rest of the album as well. In the meantime, you can always find lyrics in the description under each YouTube video. Or check out our Genius profile. For people speaking Czech, we have official translations on

Let us know what each song means to you in the comments below or at We love hearing from you guys. Thanks for reading!


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