‘Ignore Me’ Was Released 1 Year Ago – Here’s The Script

Our debut music video was released exactly one year ago. Yay! Happy Birthday.

A lot has happened since then. When I’m writing this, I’m actually getting ready for the next few days when we are shooting several new music videos. A complete self-production again, same as with ‘Ignore Me’ and everything else. Excited! And we’re finishing off the Deluxe Edition of the album. If you are in the Czech Republic, go grab yourself a copy at the Release Party. If you’re not here, come see us in Autumn when we will be visiting Los Angeles for a few months.

Read The ‘Ignore Me’ Script

Thank you all for listening to our music. Seeing your numbers growing is the best reward we can get. Here’s a little present for you – an original script Rafael wrote a year ago that was the absolute backbone for the development of this music video. Enjoy:


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