Brno, Czech Republic / Melodka (DELUXE EDITION RELEASE PARTY + Space of Variations)

May 31, 2018
7:30 pm
Brno, Czech Republic
Melodka Music Club
Brno, Czech Republic / Melodka (DELUXE EDITION RELEASE PARTY + Space of Variations)
Exit Empire

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On Thursday 31st May at Melodka club in Brno. Czech Exit Empire are doing deluxe edition album release party with the Best Ukrainian Metal Act winners Space Of Variations.

Space Of Variations

♫ Newest single:


Exit Empire

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20:00 DJ support
21:30 Exit Empire
22:30 Space Of Variations

3 unique things that will change your outlook on this evening!

First, this is our (Exit Empire) last club gig in the Czech Republic before we leave to Los Angeles, California for some time in the Autumn. We’ll even try a new set and gear we have for summer festivals.

Second, in January we played in Dubai with Ukrainian band Space Of Variations and their last single amazed us so much, we had to invite them over here. These guys winning the Best Ukrainian Metal Act reward was well deserved and they will be in the Czech Republic for the first time! We will spend some time together in a wine cellar before the show though. Definitely listen to TIBET

Third, we want a proper memory and we want you guys to take something home with you. We just want this evening to be special. So we decided to release a deluxe edition of our debut album. What does it mean? Newly added graphical gift and three musical bonuses on the CD. We’ll pour a quality champaign over it and launch its sale.

Thursday 31th May at Melodka, Brno, our dear Citizens. We can’t wait!

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