Dubai: The Show With The Strongest Emotions

There has never been a show after which we would have felt such strong emotions as after the one in Dubai.

It took place at Scarlet Cardinal on 11th of January 2018 and we played there with some amazing bands, Space Of Variations from Ukraine and Verdad, Dayuhan and Alpha.Kenny.Buddy from Dubai. First, thank you Omer, the whole GAD Music Productions and Desert Blast Productions for having us!

The show was great and we were overwhelmed by your positive reception, people of Dubai. Next time, we know that with your help we can sell out a whole club. Let me elaborate… with your help, we can build the biggest heavy music scene the Middle East has ever seen.

The ending of Nobody Else live in Dubai. 11th January 2018


When you arrive to Dubai, you notice how huge, rich, modern and epic everything is. No pictures or videos could prepare you to how colossant this city is. Yet being charmed by the first impression you start to look deeper. And the deeper you look the more you start to realize there is something missing. On the one hand you feel amazed, but on the other hand you feel cold, empty.

And then you go to the show and suddenly you realize what was missing. Music. Soul. We have never experienced so much energy and power coming from the local bands before.

Somewhere between those skyscrapers there are people who build them. Somewhere in those hotels there are people who serve you 24/7. People who sell you food and gadgets and people who look after your children, when you are out there for a party. Workers, assistants, salesmen, cleaners, nannies… Those people are almost 80 % of Dubai and they are important. And no matter if you are a man or a woman, Emirati, Filipino, Egyptian, Czech, American, Indi, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or whoever, you deserve respect as much as everyone else. You are the soul of Dubai. Not luxury cars, hotels or money. You, people.

And somewhere between those people there are ones who create art, music, paintings, sculptures. Thank you for that. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.

Every one of us is unique and every one of us is authentic. We all should know this.


That’s what our music is here for. We, Exit Empire, hope it will give you strength and understanding. Music has always been there for us and this is one way how we can give it back.

So download our debut album here for free (also available on Anghami) and share this message with your friends who you think will relate to it. Bringing people together around the world has always been our goal and with your help, we can actually make a difference. The more people share this idea and the bigger the community we build, the louder our voices will be. We can do it only with you, the people. You create our Exit Empire.

Thank you,


Exit Empire (2017) Full Album Stream. Download for free here.

Check out our vlog from this show!


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