About Us

We create music that moves people, both at heart and at a concert. Our goal is to achieve greatness no band from the Czech Republic tried to before. Through sharing a complete dedication and passion within the band and with our fans, we believe it’s possible.

Our songs tell personal stories through the sound of modern post-hardcore. It’s full of heavy riffs and singable melodies, with electro background for an epic atmosphere that feels bigger than life.

Exit Empire is a three-piece band currently based in the Czech Republic founded in 2016 by two brothers and their best friend. They aim to move to Los Angeles and tour the world.

Exit Empire dropped their debut music videos ‘Ignore Me’ and ‘Shut Up’ in Summer 2017. These songs are taken from the self-titled debut album released in October 2017. The Deluxe Edition of the debut album containing three bonuses came out in May 2018. Both audio and video production is made entirely by band members in Exit Empire Studios, keeping every bit of creative control under their belt.

Band Members

  • Rafael Eimut – vocals
  • Timmy Ruzicka – guitar, backing vocals
  • Premysl Ruzicka, Jr. – drums



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