Behind The Scenes Of ‘Ignore Me’ Music Video: Part 2

This is a second part of the blog post about the process of shooting our Ignore Me music video. Check the first part here.

Test Shoot

We wanted the actual shooting to be as smooth as possible. To test if our music video idea was actually good, we needed to see some sort of concept of it. I would be up for some cool storyboards, but sadly none of us ever drew anything else than some graffiti on school desks. So I downloaded some of my favourite music videos with comparable theme and feeling and edited them into one coherent piece. I cannot show you because of obvious copyright infringements, but it looked good! (If you really kicked up your imagination about the story.)

But that wasn’t enough, beacuse it didn’t tell us anything about if we are actually capable of shooting it ourselves. I borrowed Barbora’s DSLR camera, put her and Rafael in front of it and pressed Rec. We shot the entire music video in amateur conditions in the nearest locations. When editing afterwards, I was scared: Is it a complete garbage? What difference will the actual professional video camera and locations make?

Snippet from our test shoot

Watching how it turned out really helped us to learn from our mistakes, improve acting, camera angles etc. And hope for the best.

Locations – Prague, Czech Republic

Now the fun part – taking trips! We went to Prague first, to discover what places are suited best for the female character’s parts of our script. Our friend Bronislav Novak helped us tremendously.

And yes, we had a burger there. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed we love good food, especially burgers.

When Rafael found actress Barbora Šebestíková, we went to Prague once again to test shoot everything with her. This helped us to optimize our travel routes and make all scenes in one day.

The locations in Prague we ended up with changed a bit in the final cut.

These are just video files from the test shoot in Prague. The gym scenes are taken in Hodonin, Czech Republic (special thanks to ZUŠ Hodonín to let us shoot there).

Laghi di Fusine, Italy

For Rafael’s scenes, we had something more epic in mind – some big fucking mountains. We swiped Google Street View for easily accessible locations and eventually went with Laghi di Fusine in Italy, just behind the Austria borders. It was beautiful scenery on sight, with almost no tourists and a great pizza. No brainer. The clouds were literally rolling over the mountains and (with no planning beforehand) made for this awesome photo above.

The Atelier

Final part of our locations – the band playing scenes! We knew we wanted to do it in front of a black screen in some studio. But we weren’t sure how much time we would need and also it would suck to bring all the equipment (drums, microphone stands, instruments etc.) with us. The DIY approach worked again. Our manager Martin just took a drill and made an atelier out of our rehearsal room. We’ve shot a large chunk of the new Shut Up music video there and also have plans with it for the next one.


We’ll talk about the actual shooting and post-process in the next post. Thanks for reading!


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