Author: Timmy

We’re Going To Mars

Image credit: ESA We’ve always been big fans of space exploration. We are delighted to announce our new song is going to Mars. Freaking Mars. European Space Agency and Roscosmos are working on a mission called ExoMars 2020 that will…

New Music Video Out Now!

The music video for ‘Fly’ from our debut album is out! Check it below. As always, I directed this video and our friends helped tremendously. This time we had a special help from Daniel Havir, who is our “AI guy”…

Three New Music Videos Out Now

Exit Empire – Forging My Own Crown With “Forging My Own Crown”, we wanted to express the duality of emotions you experience when creating something. Whether it’s art, music or starting a business. You must be strong to follow your…

What did we do last month?

Firstly, we released the Deluxe Edition of our debut album. Then we did some amazing club shows in Poland and Ukraine with Space of Variations, plus closed the main stage at the festival Rocanotherworld in Romania! We had a blast….

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